About the foundation

How we work

The Nuclear Free Future Foundation educates about the dangers of using nuclear technology for civil and military purposes. A central focus of our work is the extraction of the raw material without which nuclear bombs and nuclear power would not be possible: Uranium.

In 2019, the foundation was in charge of the world's first URANiIUM ATLAS and collected data and facts about the raw material of the nuclear age. The English edition will follow on 16 July 2020. Our demand: The uranium must remain in the earth.

Since 1998 we have been awarding the Nuclear-Free Future Award and with this prize we honour, thank and network people and initiatives worldwide who are working for a future free of nuclear power and nuclear weapons, either in resistance, education or the development of solution strategies.

Our Goals

The atomic age was created by us humans, only we humans can end it again. The foundation wants to make its contribution to this:

  • Against uranium mining: Uranium damages people already during its extraction. Uranium must remain in the earth
  • Against nuclear power and for renewable energies: electricity from solar, wind and water power is much cheaper than nuclear power and completely harmless
  • For enlightenment: For decades, the nuclear lobby has claimed that nuclear power contributes to solving humanity's problems, currently to reducing the climate crisis. We show that this has never been true
  • Against nuclear weapons: Nuclear war knows no victor. Yet nuclear powers are renewing their arsenals. We want the German government to sign and ratify the UN treaty banning nuclear weapons
  • Give a voice to those affected: With the Nuclear-Free Future Award, representatives give a voice to people who would otherwise never be heard

The Historical Background of the Foundation

The historical background of the foundation
The Nuclear Free Future Foundation was founded in response to the World Uranium Hearing in Salzburg in 1992. At that time, people from all uranium mining areas of the world reported on the environmental damage and disease consequences that the raw material of the nuclear age brings with it. The foundation therefore wants to strengthen environmental responsibility, provide arguments for the phase-out of nuclear energy and motivate people to protect the climate and save energy.


The Nuclear Free Future Foundation is a non-profit foundation based in Munich, which has financed its work and commitment for more than 20 years exclusively through donations and endowments. The Nuclear-Free Future Award cannot be organized without new support every year.

The production of the first URANIUM ATLAS was supported as a project. The successful conclusion means that we are now looking for supporters for a long-cherished project: an exhibition on the topic of uranium. The exhibition is intended to raise the topic mainly at schools and other educational institutions.


Franz Moll
Stiftungsgründer und Vorsitzender des Stiftungsrats

Franz Moll entstammt der Unternehmer- und Baufirma Moll, die in München eine Vielzahl prominenter Bauten verwirklicht hat. Ende der 60er Jahre übernahm er mit Dr. Hans und Gerhard Moll die Führung des Unternehmens, das damals an der Errichtung der Sportstätten für die Olympischen Spiele in München und am Bau großer Abschnitte des S- und U-Bahn-Netzes beteiligt war. Die Nuclear Free Future Foundation hat er gegründet, weil er sich den kommenden Generationen verpflichtet fühlt und dazu beitragen will, das Atomzeitalter schnellstmöglich zu beenden.