Uranium Atlas:

Data & Facts about the Raw Material of the Nuclear Age

Uranium has been extracted from the earth since the 1930s, first in the Belgian colony of Congo, then for decades in South Africa, and today in Namibia and Niger. Uranium is in nuclear power plants, atomic bombs and bullets that penetrate tanks. Why uranium should stay in the ground is explained on 50 pages of the URANIUM ATLAS.

Published: July 2020
Publisher: Beyond Nuclear, IPPNW, Nuclear Free Future Foundation, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung
Authors: Thorben Becker, Claus Biegert, Dr. Horst Hamm, Günter Hermeyer, Manfred Kriener, Winona LaDuke, Linda Pentz Gunter, Mia Pepper, Mycle Schneider, Susi Snyder

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