NFFA Award Winner Deb Haaland to Become US Secretary of the Interior

In early September, the Nuclear Free Future Foundation awarded US Congresswoman Deb Haaland with the Nuclear Free Future Award. The Democrat campaigns for social justice, climate protection or against uranium mining in the Bears Ears Nature Park, a National Monument of the United States. Now she has been nominated by President-elect Joe Biden as Secretary of the Interior, as reported by the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and meanwhile several other media.

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The Laureates of the Nuclear-Free Future Award 2020

The laureates of the Nuclear-Free Future Award 2020 have been announced. They come from Canada/Ireland, Russia and the USA. An international jury of activists and scientists chose Fedor Maryasov and Andrey Talevlin, Russia, Felice and Jack Cohen-Joppa, USA, and Ray Acheson, Canada/Ireland, in the three categories Resistance, Education, Solution. Deb Haaland, USA was awarded an honorary prize.

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